"I want to thank you for your efficient, professional and excellent service quality. If I had not sought your advice, and had attempted to file on my own through Turbo Tax, I would be taking a large portion of my savings account just to pay taxes thus setting us back even further from one day saving for a house." BJ

"Thank you so much for meeting us today. We liked how you responded to our questions. We feel you're the right CPA for us-someone who explains and goes over the tax return and gives us the right tax advice. We are going to cancel our appointment with the other CPA and would like to start our business relationship with you." N&F

“As a young entrepreneur I have been very particular about all facets of my new company. I had taken all the necessary steps to set up a solid business- the missing piece was an accountant that understood the nature of my business and held my best interest at heart. Where to start? I turned to Yelp and was pleasantly surprised to find Amin, a local CPA and Tax Specialist with numerous five star ratings. Amin responded to my email inquiry within hours (already a great sign) and we setup a meeting for the following week. Amin was terrific. He made everything so easy for me. As a new business owner, I have so much to deal with; therefore, hiring Amin to help me deal with the financial aspect of my business makes life easier. This way I can focus on what I do - designing tablescapes, not preparing tax returns."

-Heather Ferrai

Owner, All Set LLC.


"Thank you Amin. As you can imagine, I let out a big sigh of relief when I reviewd my 2011 doucments last night. Awhile back, I did some "back-of-the-envalope" calculations to estimate my tax liablility, and I was delighted to see that the actual total is on the low side of my guestimate range. This has gone exactly as I hoped, ant it's a tremendous load off my mind. Thanks again Amin." YY

"Amin,We were really impressed with the 2010 income tax projection you sent us. It was fast, professional and exactly what we needed to know.
Thanks so much!" Sandra & Lawrence M

"After to talking to you, I decided to register a new LLC with LegalZoom. The company is "Marketing That Rocks LLC".I am very appreciative of the fact that you talked to me without knowing me and offered me help in my hour of need. I feel like reciprocating so if you have any questions with regards to Online Marketing then feel free to discuss with me.I called a few people (CPAs) prior to talking to you but they were not very nice to me. Hope we can be of mutual help to each other as I am all for win-win situations plus the fact that I want to partner with good people. I will be happy to help, have a great day :-) Thanks, Rav"

"With Amin, I know I'm maximizing my tax returns. He helps me understand where I could be saving money by identifying tax shelters that are available to everyone but not everyone knows about. And if I have questions, he's always very responsive --year round, not just during tax season! It's important for me to feel like I'm a valued client, and Amin goes the extra mile to ensure this."
Christina Rohall
Hyperion Solutions

"My previous CPA was always late with my accounting and corporate income tax filings. To make matters worse he made costly mistakes on the tax returns. I was glad when I was referred to Amin four years ago by a mutual business partner. Now my books are in tip top shape and CURRENT. Amin even went back and corrected previous years' tax returns and got me refunds. He treats me and most of his clients like family. I am very happy with Amin's accounting skills and would highly recommend his services."
A Labe
CEO, Bel Inc.

"Just as much as Amin is my accountant, he is a friend. The most courteous, efficient and helpful. I've been working with Amin for four years now and have always had a great experience.
Filing my returns with Amin has been completely effortless."
Sweta Duseja
Ncircle Network Security

"I can always get a hold of Amin when I need to. And when I need something done immediately, he is always there to help, and get it done for me. I never have to wait long for call back. With a very reasonable price, Amin gets all my financials and tax returns done in a timely fashion, and is always trying to help me understand the financials of my company. He is competent and I recommend his services."
Moe jr

"Amin is a wonderful CPA. After dealing with a previous CPA that was very unresponsive and cost me a good deal of money, I can easily say that Amin's personalized service and pleasant demeanor coupled with his fantastic ability to efficiently and effectively file tax returns for a very reasonable price is great. I use his services both as an individual and small business owner -- I would recommend him to anyone! "
Goldie Chan

"Thank you for being so efficient with my taxes. Being a W2 Employee for about 10 years, and now a new business owner... this is all new to me. You not only promised and delivered on time, but you were among one of the most pleasant people to deal with. I would recommend you to any of my associates or anyone needing advice on taxes and new business advice. Thanks much!"
Mary Tran
Synergy Property Solutions, LTD.

"Amin did a great job on our taxes. He is fast, efficient, responsible and knowledgeable and really knows the tax laws inside out. Tax time had always been stressful for me in the past, but since Amin has been doing my taxes I know I am in good hands.
I have recommended Amin's services to many of my friends and coworkers and they have all had a very positive things to say about Amin and where very happy with his work and fees."
Henriette Anapolsky,
Organic Inc.

"Amin has done a great job with our taxes for years. Due to the nature of our jobs, we get some of our tax forms from our employers only a short time before taxes are due. What is especially impressive about Amin is that he is able to take this information and provide us with our tax returns on time every year. We have worked with Amin for several years now and we really enjoy working with him. He is courteous, friendly and responsive."
Mehrnaz and Brian Smith,
Townsend & Townsend and Crew
Howrey Simon Arnold & White, LLP

"I had non-filing tax issues with the IRS going back many years, and when it all finally caught up with me, I decided to take action. I made the wrong choice of engaging a very expensive and well-known east coast-based tax advisory company to resolve my tax problems. Time passed without them doing anything until the IRS started collection action and demanded six figure payments for each year. I recalled hearing a talk by Amin Dean at one of my retiree club meetings about his experience dealing with complex tax matters and after consulting with him, put my case completely in his hands. Even though he was in the midst of a busy tax season he represented me with the IRS collection agent, and filed the delinquent tax returns and even got me a number of large refunds. Through his hard work and expertise, Amin prevented the tax collectors from taking large amounts of my retirement assets, and from now on, he will be the tax professional who gets my business."
Donald k,

"From the amended returns you did for us we are in much better shape. Our IRS debt was reduced considerably and we are almost done with that. Our Franchise Tax Board bill was also greatly reduced so that is good news too. Our 2007 returns turned out great as well and those amounts were credited to the amount we owed for previous years. THANKS for all your help."
Michelle, W


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